What is Package Structuring?

Package Structuring is the process whereby an employer structures the remuneration and benefits of its employees by offering them a selection of benefits determined by careful prior assessment and planning to align with internal policy and external legislative requirements.

What is a Package Structuring Tool (Calculator)?

Our Package Structuring Tool offers dashboards and analytical functions which allow companies to analyse and examine trends in total rewards program designs such as workforce demographics, cost-to-company package structuring including benefit selections and succession planning, amongst many. Our tools enable proactive management and executive level decision making. It also provides a myriad of rich data availability to monitor internal trends and assists in legislative reporting.

Our analysis and measurement tools and dashboards provide solutions for the following:

Payroll Metrics

Payroll metrics including total employment cost and benefits measurement such as retirement fund and risk membership, retirement funding income as a percentage of the total package, medical aid plan membership and dependent count amongst many.


Human Resource Biographic Information

Human Resources biographic information including headcount, race and gender measurement per company and sub-divisions or departments


  • Workforce analysis such as the length-of-service and age distribution


Succession Planning


Wage Models

Wage models used during Bargaining Unit negotiations aimed at streamlining the process

  • Finger-tip driven ability to change any element of remuneration during wage negotiations providing a total payroll cost
  • Efficient and accurate automatic calculation ability, saving time and allowing Human Resources personnel to focus on strategic negotiation
  • Effective budgeting taking into account the knock-on effect on benefits due to union demands on the basic salary.

Company Internal Bench-marking Models

  • To simplify and streamline the internal bench-marking and recruitment salary offering by enabling the user to effectively manage internal benchmark process flow from request to approval

All our tools and dashboards are enabled with easy to use navigation slicers (filters), attractive layout design and company branded and has web-based capability where the need arises.