Expatriate Services


We have an extensive client base of South African and multi-national employers for who we provide expatriate tax planning and compliance services. These include some of the largest companies in the world operating in South Africa, as well as a significant contingent of South African employers operating internationally, especially into the rest of Africa.

  • Expatriates to South Africa, South African expatriates internationally (especially into Africa), African expatriate management
  • Expatriate policy and philosophical design
  • Expatriate contracts, including home and host country contracts
  • International mobile employee build-up calculators, tax equalisation, tax protection, guaranteed net pay methodologies, with strong emphasis on communication best practice and creating:
    (a) employee understanding of the model
    (b) business cost projection
    (c) full support to the international mobility, finance and human resource function(s)
  • Internationally mobile employee benefits and tax compliance
  • Payroll for special classes of employees, including dealing with exchange control
  • Alignment of economic reality of international mobile services and finance costing and recharge model with international employee contracts, benefits, tax planning and compliance
  • Host country tax and social security calculators including for most African locations
  • Payroll calculators for most African locations
  • Expatriate cost calculators including on mobilisation, on-assignment costs, de-mobilisation
  • Work permits, classification of work permits and to align with specific business operational needs and expatriate personal financial planning
  • Tax break-even computations, international subsistence modelling
  • Tax treatment for internationally mobile employees – we have obtained the “ground breaking” advanced South African Revenue Service (SARS) Ruling hereon, which has created clarity for the market around providing a robust and equitable approach for all concerned. This has become market practice since for most employers in the treatment of internationally mobile uses this model now as market norm.

Tax and Payroll

Outlined below is the nature of tax and payroll services we provide on behalf of employees for inbound and outbound Expatriates:

  • Registration and deregistration of Expatriates with relevant tax authorities.
  • Preparation of annual income tax return for our Expatriates.
  • Preparation of first, second and top-up provisional tax computations and returns.
  • Arrival /Departure Briefing of expatriates.
  • Drafting and submission of objection letters and follow-up with revenue authorities.
  • Appeals or alternative dispute resolution procedure, including meetings with SARS where required.
  • Liaise with tax authorities on all inbound and outbound tax queries on behalf of Expatriates.
  • Facilitate expatriates audits and PAYE audits relating to expatriates.
  • Assist with Gross-up calculation and Tax Equalisation calculation.
  • Assist with tax clearance certificates/letters of good standing from SARS.
  • Use process-enabling technology or software to ensure management and control of expatriates returns.
  • Enables to retain Expatriates documentation for audit purposes.
  • Indicate the technology or system to be used for these services.
  • Assist with addressing Permanent Establishment risks created by international assignees.
  • Assist with addressing tax position relating to Short-Term assignees and Frequent business travelers.
  • Providing general tax advisory pertaining to expatriates services where specifically requested.
  • Remuneration Consultant’s Policy is to tax equalize.
  • Monthly PAYE calculation for expatriates.
  • Collation of all relevant compensation (cash or non-cash) for expatriates.
  • Production of Monthly mock payslips for expatriates.
  • Provide payroll reports to integrate with standard payrolls and accounting.

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