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Tax and Cost to Company Training

We offer a tailor-made, interactive, hands-on practical and technical two-day tax workshop which extends to Payroll, Human Resource and Finance employees.

The training will cover the basics of employees’ tax, personal tax computations and benefits. Our training starts with the assumption of a zero-knowledge base and takes delegates step-by-step through the basic calculations which build up to more complex computations. The style is informal, and the pace allows everyone to follow step-by-step, as these calculations build on one another.

We differentiate this unique workshop by not following standard conventional workshop methods. Delegates walk away with the ability to do actual tax calculations and verifications as opposed to just the technical theory.

Payroll Review

Absolute payroll accuracy is imperative in any organisation to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations in South Africa.  It is critical that management mitigate risks to ensure there are no tax exposures on their payroll(s).

Our services extend to payroll reviews and audits to assist organisations in attaining complete compliance to tax laws.  Our expertise incorporates employee benefits, employee communication on remuneration and reward and generally providing leading practises and innovation.

We perform payroll reviews of the company’s payroll at a detailed level, to determine the completeness and accuracy of the payroll information, payroll wage-type set-up and whether this is aligned to company policy and bargaining unit agreements (where applicable), Fund rules, various insurance related elements per Insurance company premiums / unit rates, relevant tax legislation and other Statutory Laws

We have in-depth experience on all items relating to employee payroll and we are comfortable that there are no areas of payroll which are too complex to cover.

Remuneration Committee Services

We provide advisory services and remuneration technical support and expertise to Remuneration Committees of listed companies in all major sectors including the public and parastatal sectors. Our extensive and technical experience in remuneration and associated aspects such as tax, best practice on policy and procedure and strong involvement with reward associations allows us to keep a close ear to the ground in the market and advise Remuneration Committees appropriately.

Annual Salary Review Management and Increase Implementation

We provide companies with the adequate tools to streamline this process as well as assisting companies in increase mandate submissions to executive and remuneration committees. Our service in this regard extends to assist companies in the review stage by enabling them to effectively managing the increase reward process.

Cost-to-Company Conversion with Flexible Benefits

We conduct Cost-to-Company conversions and deal with the entire conversion process. Our team have the necessary expertise from employee communication strategy, dealing with change in retirement and risk benefit fund rules to the actual calculations to provide a cost neutral conversion. Our Package Structuring Tools provide companies with a streamlined approach to the conversion process. In addition we also provide companies with travel calculators that simplify and maintain compliance with the necessary tax requirements.

Customised Surveys

Reward Specialists on our team have extensive experience in conducting and publishing surveys. We have the capability to conduct any form of survey within the remuneration and benefit space. This extends to surveys around remuneration practice with-in a specific sector or peer group of companies. Requests for these services include best practice policy surveys and staff satisfaction surveys.

Employment Equity

We have designed analytic tools and dashboards that will assist companies to measure, identify and analyse potential risks with regard to maintaining internal equity, which complies with the newly promulgated Employment Equity Amendment Act, number 47 of 2013 requirements, within their organisations. Our tools will enable companies to monitor their internal equity over a period of time to facilitate the necessary information to identify and highlight inequalities between employees doing the same or similar job within the organisation and monitor and report on corrective action taken.

Job Evaluation & Design

Our team of reward specialists have extensive experience in some of the popular and widely used Job Evaluation Systems. We understand the entire Job Evaluation process and also provide our clients with training on Job Evaluation. We also have the capacity to conduct desktop grading exercises and our reward specialists also sit on Job Evaluation and Validation Committees to provide external expertise.

Market Positioning and Pay Scale Design

We conduct several analyses for companies with regards to benchmarking remuneration. We have developed and customised analytic tools that assist clients to simplify the market benchmarking process. We conduct scenario analysis, gap analysis, job matching exercises to market salary surveys and costing analysis. We also provide illustrative dashboards to clients that assist them with presenting market benchmarking analysis to executive and remuneration committees. Our analysis tools also have the compatibility to be administered online via an Intranet web-site.

We also assist companies in designing pay scales. We have extensive experience in the design process and also facilitate workshops to remuneration teams to assist and advise on best fit design principles around their pay scale design. Our pay scale practice and recommendations are aligned with market best practice as well as with the standard requirements as set out by Reward Associations such as WorldatWork.

Remuneration and Total Reward Statements

Our total rewards statements are designed to reflect the company’s unique total rewards offering and is an effective vehicle to communicate and promote the employee value proposition. The total rewards statement can be customised to be employee and employer specific.

Tools and Dashboards

Our dashboards and analytic tools allow companies to analyse and examine trends in total rewards program designs such as workforce demographics, cost-to-company package structuring including benefit selections and succession planning, amongst many. Our tools enable proactive management and executive level decision making. It also provides a myriad of rich data availability to monitor internal trends and assists in legislative reporting.

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