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Minimum Wage Deliberations Deadlock

Deliberations around minimum wage in Nedlac which was expected to end next month has resulted in deadlock. Concerns have been raised to whether the deadline around minimum wage will be achievable with a differing views on minimum wage.

Nedlac wants a minimum wage of R5000 where employers want minimum wage to be aligned to the lowest wage sectorial determination, that of domestic workers.

Issues around wage inequalities and slow implementation of minimum wage by the Department of Labour will draw out the final decision and implementation of minimum wage.

Unions as well as researchers and academics believe the minimum wage will not lead to job losses, but will boost consumption-led economic growth and help lift the southern Africa region through higher remittances sent home by migrants working in the country.

Please click button below to read the article published in the International Journal of Human Resources Management which covers a case study on minimum wage regulations in China and the effect on their export capability and economic rise.