We shared information with you previously regarding the critical aspects of the new revised EEA4 regulations.
The objective of the EEA4 Form is ‘to collect information for the assessment of the remuneration gap between the highest paid and the lowest paid employees and, at the same time, to assess inequalities in remuneration’.

Critical aspects of the new format include:

  • fixed vs variable remuneration
  • inclusions, exclusions and conditions
  • median, mean and range calculations
  • overall wage gap from lowest to highest paid
  • inclusion of temporary employees
  • existence of a remuneration and equal treatment policy and alignment of remedial actions

In addition to the changes made to the reporting on income, the Employment Equity Act amendments, which aims to enhance the administration and compliance mechanisms of the Act by introducing enabling provisions for the setting of Sector specific EE targets and for the promulgation of Section 53, will come into effect in early 2020.

Upcoming Employment Equity Act Amendment workshops and webinar

Global Business Solutions will be hosting a one-day Employment Equity Act Amendments workshop in Durban on 15 October and in Port Elizabeth on 22 October. For those who can’t attend the full workshop, there is also a 90-minute webinar workshop on 24 October.

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