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Historically, it was unclear whether amounts paid to a non-executive director were subject to the deduction of employees’ tax and whether the prohibition against certain deductions by salaried employees applied to them. This being as a result of a non-executive directors arguably not earning remuneration as defined in the 4th Schedule to the Income Tax […]


Relocation Allowance – Complex Tax Law Change The very old and tested dispensation of paying an employee 1 month tax free relocation allowance on moving residency for employment, has been repealed by SARS. The new rule applies effective 01 March 2016 onwards and unfortunately the new rule comes with significant uncertainty in application. Where an […]

King IV and the Prickly Issue of Exec Salaries

The recently released King IV Report on Corporate Governance recognises that executive remuneration, both in terms of its quantum and the disparity between top and bottom wage-earners, has become a key governance issue, with real implications for long-term corporate sustainability. “In line with King IV’s qualitative approach, it focuses on what outcomes boards and remuneration […]

Africorp Solutions Presents at IPM – 2016 – King IV and Human Resources

The IPM Convention, is a 3-day convention which delivers the latest thinking and solutions in the management and development of people. Hosted at Emperors Palace, Johannesburg, all Human Resources Professionals, business leaders, suppliers and key influencers come together from private and public sectors to explore topical issues and to seek solutions to business challenges. As […]

Minimum Wage Goes Up!

Those working in the domestic worker sector can look forward to increased minimum wages. According to Timeslive, the new minimum rates come into effect from 1 December. The Department made the announcement today. Jobs in the domestic worker sector include cleaners, gardeners, nannies and domestic drivers. There are two new minimum rates: – Rates for […]

Guidelines for Dealing with Cross-Border Payroll

South African companies, as well as many global multinationals, are increasingly seeing the rest of the continent as an attractive growth target. No matter what particular business model they adopt in the target country, they are likely to find themselves seconding specialist staff to their in-country operations. In general, these expatriates would remain on the […]