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Can we use standard pay scales in the form of a regressed market for remuneration management?

We do not recommend this approach. When implementing pay-scales/ranges the company needs to ensure that the pay-scales fits the company’s operational requirements as well as ensure alignment to the company’s remuneration policy, philosophy and positioning in the market. The following should be considered – A. Pay Element Basic vs Total Guaranteed Package. B. Position in […]

How do I optimally structure travel allowances for employees?

A company can optimally structure travel allowance by implementing a Travel Allowance Calculator to ensure that when travel allowances are elected and built into a remuneration package, that the travel allowance is structured in a tax compliant yet optimal manner. The purpose of using a Travel Allowance Calculator is to compute a suggested tax “break-even” […]

How does a Total Reward Statement (TRS) enhance my company’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP)?

TRS enhances a company’s EVP by ensuring effective communication of the total reward offering to employees in a way that promotes the employees’ understanding and appreciation of the value derived at a personal level which in turn increases employee satisfaction and engagement. The implementation of a TRS will enables optimal attraction, motivation and retention of […]