We rely on the company to provide us with accurate information on a first-time basis in order be as efficient as possible when reviewing the company’s payroll. The process typically includes –

  1. Data information gathering;
  2. Data consolidation;
  3. Re-calculation and verification of payroll elements; and
  4. Wage type set-up verification.



The final deliverables will be provided on the completion of a payroll audit and typically include –

  1. Final Report containing payroll findings, payroll best practice and recommendations;
  2. Excel-based appendix containing the re-computations of all payroll
  3. Payroll wage type set-up and treatment matrix indicating where there are discrepancies; and
  4. Final feedback sessions to present the outcome of the payroll review and verification process.

Should you require assistance with a Payroll Review, send us an email

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