Remuneration Consultants South Africa provides market-leading remuneration and employee benefit consulting services. We understand the entire Job Evaluation process and also provide our clients with training on Job Evaluation specifically the Paterson grading system. We also have the capacity to conduct desktop grading exercises and our reward specialists also sit on Job Evaluation and Validation Committees to provide external expertise.

Market Positioning
We conduct several analyses for companies with regards to benchmarking remuneration. We have developed and customised analytic tools that assist clients to simplify the market benchmarking process. We conduct scenario analysis, gap analysis, job matching exercises to market salary surveys and costing analysis. We also provide illustrative dashboards to clients that assist them with presenting market benchmarking analysis to executive and remuneration committees. Our analysis tools also have the compatibility to be administered online via an Intranet website.

Pay Scale Design
We also assist companies in designing pay scales. We have extensive experience in the design process and also facilitate workshops to remuneration teams to assist and advise on best fit design principles around their pay scale design. Our pay scale practice and recommendations are aligned with market best practice as well as with the standard requirements as set out by Reward Associations such as WorldatWork.

Our extensive experience in the design process includes

  • Design principle workshops with Remuneration teams covering the important aspects or factors required in the design process.
  • Job matching to external salary surveys.
  • Develop pay scales based on market best practice principles and to cater for the organisational specific culture and remuneration philosophy and strategy.
  • Customised scenario analysis.
  • Conduct internal pay cost analysis to align to proposed pay scales designed.
  • Assist in providing technical expertise for executive and remuneration committee submissions.
  • Annual maintenance and updates on pay scales

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